Live Case Study Sessions

Each Module contains a live case study session delivered on Zoom. Led by the Module facilitator this session with a duration of 1.5 hours encourages peer interaction and sharing. All classmates are required to participate in the live case study session to achieve module certification.
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What's included  in the Live Case Study Sessions

Following introductions, your facilitator will lead you through a case study that encapsulates the module content applying it to a real situation to bring the lessons to life. This will be followed by a Q&A session with the facilitator addressing issues that have arisen from the case study or through the video lessons.
On completion of the live case study session and the seven-day Q&A period you will receive your Module certificate, the key to download the Module Slide Deck and access to the 3 Module archives:
1. Book Library
2. Advisor Index
3. Case Study Archive.
Your facilitator may provide you with some preparatory homework before the live case study session, so everyone is up to speed for this fast track group learning.
All classmates will receive a Module feedback form to complete that supports our quest to continue to improve and enhance the learning experience.  
You will receive some nuggets and tools that will be useful to take back and share with your family members.